photo by hollie colwick


Keep Jessica Wild is a project to not only to share my own creations, but to also encourage others to do the same.

My Story

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I relished in any opportunity I had to share my work, even as a child. Once I got into middle school, however, I wrote a piece that my teacher did not deem... appropriate. It was too emotional, too edgy, too scary, too threatening-- but I was simply writing about what scared me. Her admonishment tucked me into a hole I continue to force myself to walk out of. All that time alone with my writing, however, allowed me to explore and break open mistakes, and forget about what was possible or acceptable, because for a long time, my writing was for me.

All of that is changing now. I look forward to sharing writing with you, helping you create, and so much more.