September 30 in 30

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One of my best friends, Kenzi, told me at the end of August that she was going to create a new painting every single day in September. Being the friend that I am, I asked if I could tag along– the result has been more than I could have hoped for.

Every day, Kenzi sends me a picture of her painting, and I send her a story. She posts it, and boom! It is done. This has been such a fun project, because it is so easy for a creative to get into the muck and mire of editing– this keeps it light, simple, and lovely.

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I write. Everything.

I write things that are true. I write about the real world, and I write about worlds in my head. I write for myself and I write for you. I write for fun and I write because I have to. I write to keep myself and to let myself go mad.

I write. Always.

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